Ever-Present Awareness

You recognize your sense of being, this ever-present awareness, and discover that it is eternal and infinite, without limits and not sharing the destiny—the coming and going—of the body or the mind. Does this ever-present awareness have a center?

Can you locate a center? Can you find a specific point that you can say here is where it all begins? Here is the center of my being?

In the same way, when you look at something—making the common false assumption that ‘you’ are a subject who ‘sees’ an object—can you find the point where the seer ends and the seen begins?

Or, upon hearing a sound, can you locate the place at which the sound and the hearing meet?

Is there any separation in any of these examples? Is there a center to awareness, a point from which awareness emanates? A division between the seer and the seen? A place where sound ends and hearing begins?

The answer to all of these questions is an emphatic no! As Rupert Spira says, ‘Locate yourself nowhere, find yourself everywhere.’ Actually, we don’t have to do anything. We don’t have to locate or find ourselves anywhere, as our experience shows that we are ever-present in all experience – we never come and we never go. We just are.