Do Unto Others

This command is only for an individual self – one who sees a world out there from the point of view of a me, I, limited body-mind, in here. There is no me and there is no world. There is no self and there is no other.

When you look deeply you can find no division, no separation, between self and other, between subject and object. Even to view the world, including your own body-mind, from the viewpoint of the ‘all-seeing witness’ is still a subtle division. All divisions are an illusion.

Find a true division now. Exactly where do you stop and the other begin?

As you gaze into a loved one’s eyes, where is the point at which your two gazes meet? Does your line of sight bore through their eyeballs and bump into the back of their skull? No! It’s one seamless, boundless experience, no point at which you can say, here is where my sight ends and the other begins.

When you hold a child’s hand, exactly where does the sensation of touch occur? Thought would say at the point at which skin meets skin. It appears this way from a limited point of view, but can you find an edge to either sensation? Isn’t it actually one sensation, one vibration?

Yes, you can say there is a you in here and a world out there – a doing-self and others to do upon. But this is the point from which all our problems arise. These are imagined divisions. See that if you remove all thought – this includes all concepts, all points of view – from the process and just go with the raw experience, you can find no separation whatsoever. And when there is no separation, what is left?