There Are No Pieces

We all want to feel connected to others and the world. Isn’t that one reason we cling to our wonderful devices so dearly? Send endless emails and texts? Spread our personal news via Twitter and Facebook? Broadcast ourselves on YouTube and write furiously in our blog? Get excited when we hear about Google Glass and the possibility of a microchip implant? And what about all those aps?!

When we’re connected we feel a part of something bigger than ourselves, embraced by the larger community, by the world, by all of humanity! It’s also very egocentric, all about ‘me’ having the personal power to make this connection – in today’s culture of social media the epitome of this is the ‘selfie.’

And why do we seek this connectedness? Because it is our inherent nature to be connected, though that isn’t saying quite enough. It’s not that our inherent nature is to be connected, it’s that there was no disconnect to begin with and now we desperately want to get that feeling, that reality, that oneness back.

As a pristine, unstained, open and innocent newborn, our original nature of pure awareness is quickly replaced with a personal identity – a name, gender, age, likes and dislikes, etcetera – and the separate self is born. And then, as we are further conditioned by our family, friends, and culture, we are taught to distinguish and distance ourselves from other separate selves, until we feel perfectly isolated as human beings – one individual self making its way in the world among other individual selves. And no one is comfortable with this because it’s not who we really are.

We then spend the rest of our lives trying to reconnect to our seemingly lost innate sense of peace, happiness, and oneness through relationships, substances, and the acquisition of things. And this is the rise of all conflict, on both a personal and global level – if we can’t have something to fill the emptiness in our hearts, we will take it.

The irony of this search for wholeness is that the concept of connection or connectedness is just that – a wonderful idea. To say that we’re connected infers that there are separate parts to be connected, as in pieces of a puzzle to put in place before the whole picture is revealed.

In the only reality, the truth of our own experience, there are no pieces. There is only one substance, call it awareness, consciousness, nature, or emptiness, from which all things arise, are known by, and therefore, must be made of. If this is truly the case, where is the division, the separateness between anything? It can’t be found. There is nothing to be connected because there is just wholeness.

See clearly that no evidence has ever been found to refute the understanding, the knowing, the experience, that all there is is wholeness, or oneness, and therefore no possibility that there is any separation to begin with.

Nothing to search for

Nothing to connect

Nothing to become

Only one thing going on

And you, I, we,

Are It.