The Stillness and The Peace

There must be something to believe in!

Someone said this the other day, frustrated by the comment that in order to realize your true nature all beliefs must be set aside – that they were just one of the veils that prevented us from clearly seeing what is from moment to moment.

It was debated by the believer that without beliefs there would be a loss of identity.

YES! Whether the separate self likes it or not – and in most cases doesn’t because it threatens its existence – this is a true observation.

When you realize that there is nothing at all to believe in – that all beliefs, especially those to do with right and wrong, are subject to the whimsical nature of thought, creating nothing but conflict with someone else who has a counter-belief – rather than being disheartened and possibly frightened because there is nothing to cling to, ask yourself the question, who is it that has this need to believe?

Any belief is made up of thoughts, and the thinker, I, you, is also a thought. Two thoughts, one leading to the other – ‘I’ believes in ‘this’. The only problem is that any thought most assuredly comes and goes and therefore is not real – and the one who thinks it needs to believe can only be found as a thought. So . . . Experience this and there is an immediate and profound relaxation into true being-ness.

It takes a willingness to be open to the possibility that we don’t need to believe in anything to understand, know, experience, our true nature. Just for a moment, set aside all of your beliefs, however treasured they are to you. You can have them back whenever you want or need them.

With your beliefs set aside, where’s the problem? When you have nothing to define, defend, depend on, defame or destroy, isn’t there an immediate stillness, an immediate sense of peace?

That’s because you are the stillness and the peace.