Happy No Year!

Happy New Year!?


Happy No Year!?


New implies Old.

Year and Old imply Time.

(We will get to Happy in a moment.)

Where in your experience can you find evidence of time?

You might say, ‘I am forty-years old. Forty years have passed since I was born.’

Were you present at the time of your birth? If you say yes, then you must have been present prior to your birth, or else how would you know that you were born? If you say no, you must have been present, as well, otherwise how would you know that you weren’t?

You must conclude that you are ever-present and aware – you know you exist prior to, during, and after your body-mind has come and gone. Which begs the question, have you ever experienced your own disappearance? You can’t say yes and you can’t say no.

You can’t wiggle your way out of this – there is no time. There is only you as ever-present awareness living in the ever-present now, although that isn’t quite true.

Now implies Then.

There is only THIS.

And when this THIS is clearly seen, known, felt, as your experience – actually, the only true experience that you can have – one of the qualities that emerges is happiness.

Happiness is the lack of all resistance – to experience the emptiness, the silence, the peace of being the nothing from which and in which everything arises, and with which all things are known and loved.

So, to all of you dear friends . . .