Seeking Truth Through Experience

Life is made up of endless experiences. No matter how enticing or repelling they may seem, they are limited by time and space – their nature is to arise, linger, and disappear. Your true essence is that which knows all experience – that which exists prior to, during, and after any experience has come and gone. You can’t help but be that. You are that. This is your true nature and where peace resides.

If you are seeking spiritual truth, enlightenment, or just trying to lose yourself for a moment through experience – be it with meditation, chanting, mantra, fasting, yoga, sky diving, or psychedelics – ask yourself the question, who is it that is seeking? All experiences are sought on behalf of an individual self, and that individual self will never be satisfied for long because the memory, which is all that remains of any experience, fades and then another experience is sought. It’s an endless, ultimately frustrating cycle. But that which knows all experience, call it the Absolute or consciousness, does not want for anything, therefore it seeks no thing. It is all things.

The individual or separate self is a collection of thoughts, feelings, sensations, and perceptions, all experiences and thus limited by nature – appearing in the field of consciousness like images appear on a movie screen, play out their part in the story, and then pass off screen. But you, consciousness, the screen, remain untouched, undisturbed by any action on the screen, and, in fact, receive any and all manifestations equally. And, more importantly, you exist in wholeness totally independent of any activity on the screen.

In reality, there is no one who experiences. There is only experiencing. The insatiable seeker is only a concept, a collection of wandering thoughts, images, feelings, sensations, and perceptions, and is only truly happy when it no longer exists. That is why many seek out extreme experiences. It’s the quickest way to dissolve the separate self, at least momentarily. And with this momentary dissolution, ineffable peace and joy is experienced. But the truth is that true peace and joy are not experiences – they are inherent to our original nature, who and what we are at the core of our being. See this completely and it is no longer necessary to seek truth through experience – you are the truth to begin with.