I am enlightened. I am not enlightened.

I am awake. I am asleep.

I am liberated. I am not liberated.

I am lost. I am found.

All observations of the seeker’s mind mired in the world of duality.

Thoughts, concepts, all bound by the limits of space and time, and therefore, in the truest sense, not real.

The only true reality is that which is ever-present and aware – that which exists prior to, during, and after all thoughts, sensations, and perceptions have come, lingered, and disappeared.

Call it a non-dual or non-conceptual awareness. But these are still concepts, and therefore cannot be real.

It is said that to realize your true nature you must go beyond all concepts, and then ‘go beyond the beyond’.

Asking someone to ‘go beyond the beyond’ is like asking water to flow up hill.

There is nothing you can say or do to realize your true nature. All you can do is be it, which takes no effort whatsoever because you are already that. But to try to be effortless, well . . .

To be nothing is true liberation, but you will never know it because you are nothing to begin with.

And in this placeless place of no action or inaction, of doing or non-doing, of no-thing-ness, is found perfect stillness, perfect silence. The Perfect Peace. It’s too bad that you can never experience this wonderful . . . idea.

Give up if you can.

But you can’t.