The Mother of All Containers

We are conditioned, in many instances quite lovingly and with good intentions, to believe in our identity as an individual self – a body-mind made up of a collection of fleeting thoughts, images, feelings, sensations, and perceptions. But this is all it is, a belief. This is not our actual experience, not our actual identity.

If ‘I’ am aware of my body-mind, what is this ‘I’ that is aware? Where is it? Can it be located? No. It can’t be found in any particular place, yet everywhere ‘I’ looks it finds itself. It is ever-present, aware, and holds everything. Nothing comes from outside it because there is no outside. No inside either. No boundaries. It is the mother of all containers.

Instead of placing our identity in something as fragile and impermanent as a body-mind with its limited thoughts and perceptions, we can pay attention to that which knows the coming and going of all things, yet never comes and goes itself. In this we discover a genuine security, which, in turn, reveals an immutable background of peace, happiness, and love that is our original nature. And this is cause for celebration!

All Appearances

All Objects, All Things

Are Held, Contained, Embraced, Loved

By a Seemingly Endless Universe

That Stretches Back in Time for

Billions of Years

And Into the Future

From Here to Eternity

Yet No Actual Limits Can Be Found

No Inside

No Outside

Only Boundless Awareness

The Mother of All Containers