No Selfie

To discover the truth of the concept of self and other is to discover the truth of our essential nature, which is that of pure and indivisible consciousness, also known as love.

Self and other, subject and object, are simply waves on the ocean of consciousness. They are made of consciousness, yet think and act as though they are independent entities.

We take a picture of our self and call it a ‘Selfie’, when in fact there is no self to begin with. What is really happening is that no one is taking a picture of no thing.

When the notion, the shadow, of an individual self vanishes in the light of clear seeing, it becomes immediately apparent that there never was a self to begin with.

Who or what are you taking a picture of? Look at the components of the body-mind that ends up as an image on the screen or paper.

A body made of tissue and bone. A mind made of thoughts, images, and memories. An entity that perceives the world through sight, sound, taste, texture, and smell.

All impermanent qualities that come and go on a field of ever-present knowing. And we know this field of knowing because, before anything else, we are this field of knowing.

Our essential nature, ever-present knowing, experiences all that comes and goes yet does not come and go with them. Ever-present is ever-present. All-pervading. Never changing.

Not only do we not come and go with experience, we are the field in which all experiences arise, so all experiences come from and are made out of the same stuff.

Just as the waves are made of the ocean, all experiences are made of the knowing of them, of the ever-present field of knowing that is our essential nature.

It appears as though someone holds the camera at arm’s length, smiles, and snaps the picture, but it’s only emptiness seeing itself, being itself, and, of course, posting itself.

Guaranteed ‘Like(s)’.