‘You Are Me’

Mooji encourages us to ‘recognize, acknowledge, confirm, and enjoy’ awareness as our essential being. Francis Lucille is fond of using the word ‘celebrate’ when responding to the question, What do I do once I realize that I am only awareness?’

Recognize the knowing presence of awareness within you that says ‘I am’. Not ‘I am this or that’ – not I am a female, male, mother, father, daughter, brother, dentist, lawyer, fireman, nurse – but just ‘I am.’ Nothing extra. Just the pure knowing that you exist.

Acknowledge that this awareness, that which says ‘I am’, knows the coming and going of all things, but doesn’t come and go with them. Know that this awareness is the supreme witness, observer of all thoughts, images, feelings, sensations, and perceptions.

Confirm that this awareness, that which says ‘I am’, is without limits. That it has no boundaries, no edge, nowhere that it ends and something else begins. And that it has no duration. At no time is it not present – it never appears or disappears.

Enjoy the fact, based on your actual experience, that awareness is ever-present – infinite and eternal. That it is one without a second, not two – and you, I, we, all things, are this.

Nothing separate. No division. No self. No other.

As The Beatles sing . . .

‘I am he as you are he as you are me

And we are all together . . .’

We are all awareness. One awareness.

That’s all we need to know.

There’s nothing more to do, except . . .