That Which Remains Untouched

This isn’t about enlightenment or Samadhi, some blissful state of meditation or psychedelic ecstasy. This isn’t about pain and suffering, sadness and sorrow, torture, murder and beheading. This isn’t about the breathtaking beauty and random disasters of nature. This isn’t about the ugly and downtrodden, the privileged upper class, the political iconoclasts or religious fanatics. This isn’t about the pure joy of an innocent child running through grassy green fields on a breezy spring day. This isn’t about dancing naked with your lover in the summer moonlight. This isn’t about all the pleasures that money can buy, or the despair that comes from losing everything.

These are all experiences – great and small, good and bad, beautiful and ugly – shared by the billions of us living on Earth. No matter what their intensity, their poignancy, their seeming important or insignificant impact on our lives, they all have one thing in common: they all come and go.

They all come and go, but that which experiences all experience – the aware presence that we all share together – never comes and goes with them. With much of the human race living anxious lives, subtle or gross, doesn’t it make sense to look at that which remains untouched by experience, rather than the impermanent experience itself?

This is not to say that experiences aren’t important in our lives, as you can say that they shape our personality, create our uniqueness. But are they really something to stake our identity on? And what is this ‘personality’ that is shaped, anyway? Ask yourself the question: what is at the core of this personality? What is at my core?

If you look closely, it’s not me, the body-mind, the so-called individual self, which experiences the world. The individual self and world are experienced by awareness – the essence of being from which all experiences arise, are known by, and made of. And the nature of this awareness is limitless, so there cannot be two.

And with this understanding – that there are not two things going on, anywhere, any time – you simply, easily, naturally, rest in this knowing, abide in this knowing as this knowing, and recognize, feel, and be who you truly are: ever-present awareness, the background of all experience – the ultimate expression of which is peace, happiness, and love.

All thought dissolves in the only thing that does exist: infinite and eternal spaceless space. Going beyond the mind, beyond all concepts, you realize that there is not even something called awareness that experiences, but only pure, unnamable experiencing alone. And you, I, we, are that.