Nothing New

Nothing new. Nothing old. Nothing in between.

All things arise in consciousness. Consciousness being that which is seeing the words on this page; that which is hearing a faint ringing in the ears; that which is feeling the weight of a body sitting in a chair; the changeless knowing presence that has been with us our entire lives.

Consciousness is not new. It was never born or just magically appeared. Where would it come from? Can a beginning to consciousness be found? And if so, who would find it?

Consciousness is not old. Something that is changeless cannot age. If something has no beginning, where could it end? And if an end could be found, who or what would be there to find it?

If consciousness has no beginning or end, where or what is in between?

No beginning, no end, no in between. Unending. Boundless.

Where is there room for two?

There can only be one consciousness knowing itself – knowing knowing knowing. And, in the realm of concepts, you, I, we, are this knowing presence.


Nowhere to go. Nowhere not to go.

Nowhere is Everywhere. 

Changeless Presence.


Nothing to do. Nothing not to do.

Nothing is Everything. 

Changeless Beingness.


The Changeless One

Radiates Peace, Love, and Happiness

And You, I, We, cannot find It

Cannot lose It