Invest In Silk

                       ‘You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.’                                                                                                      ~ 16th Century English Proverb

No matter how hard we try, the individual self, that cluster of thoughts, images, memories, feelings, and perceptions we think of as ‘me’, cannot be transformed into that which knows ‘I am’ – pure consciousness or unlimited awareness.

‘Me’ is a hodgepodge of random thoughts and ever-changing bodily sensations that relates to the world from a limited point of view. As a matter of fact, everything about the individual self is limited. All its so-called attributes arise and pass away. When you look for this ‘me’, it can’t be found.

That which says ‘I am’ is the limitless awareness that is ever-present, unchanging, and unaffected by anything that happens in the body, mind, and world.

No matter how hard we try as individual selves to become better human beings, to become enlightened beings, in other words, to try and make something out of nothing, is like trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

But what can be done is to simply recognize our true nature. Invest our identity in that which is ever-present, unchanging, the witness of all appearances – unlimited consciousness. Then we won’t be deceived by appearances and can clearly see the false as the false – that the sow’s ear can never become a silk purse.

Your spiritual advisor recommends: ‘For limitless, timeless security, invest in silk.’

With this new effortless understanding, the absolute truth of our shared being is revealed and its essence of silent stillness, happiness, and love permeates all things.

Now throw away the silk.