Pride & Prejudice

Just for a moment set aside your pride – the high regard you have for yourself and your accomplishments.

Just for a moment set aside your prejudice – what you have come to believe is right and wrong compared to others in the world.

Conversely, just for a moment set aside your shame – things you have thought or done that you or society might consider wrong.

And just for a moment set aside your sense of open-mindedness – your ideas of fairness and tolerance, your unbiased outlook on life.

With all these attributes of a personal self set aside, what is left? What is left to feed this personal body-mind that turns out to be only an idea itself?

Nothing. And rather than despair at this seemingly bleak news, it is cause to rejoice. This is not a nothingness nothing – out of this nothingness all things arise and disappear, emerge and dissolve, come and go. And no thing can exist prior to this nothingness as it is limitless. No edge or border can be found. It contains all things.

At your core this is your true identity – infinite, eternal, full, rich nothingness.

Even though you may from time to time feel vulnerable, at the mercy of your thoughts and emotions, your conditioned beliefs and opinions, rest assured that this nothingness never comes and goes, is not born and never dies, and you are first of all this.