The Most Relaxing Ride Of All

You find yourself on a roller coaster ride of ever-changing thoughts, images, emotions, sensations, and perceptions.

It’s uplifting and exciting one minute, disturbing and frightening the next.

Up and down, up and down. Sometimes gut-wrenching. Sometimes nauseating. Not the most relaxing ride.

But then there is an unexpected moment of stillness pervaded by a profound peace. You have a sense that all is right with the world, with the universe, that all things exist in balance and harmony . . .

Then off you go again on the roller coaster. Expectations build as you go up, up, and up. Anxiety grows as you go down, down, and down. And then there’s everything in between.

Actually, the original ‘you’ – the you before there is a you – is not riding on the roller coaster.

Look closely and discover that this original you is the ever-present observer of the ride, not the ever-changing participant on the ride. You know the ups and downs of thoughts, images, emotions, sensations, and perceptions, but you don’t go up and down with them. In fact, you don’t go anywhere because you are everywhere to begin with. There’s no place for you to go.

Thoughts and sensations depend on you for their existence. You don’t depend on anyone or anything for yours, as you are the source of all appearances – you exist before, during, and after all appearances come and go. You are the constant, ageless, unchangeable, unlimited space of awareness that knows all of the ups and downs but is not affected by them in any way.

This isn’t just a fanciful idea. Check it out in your own experience and discover the original you that is always present and aware, that knows but can’t be known by anything other than itself – the infinite and eternal nameless source of your being. Our being. One being.

Live naturally, effortlessly, as this knowing presence – the most relaxing ride of all.