Be The Change?

‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’ ~ Mahatma Gandhi

If you are a seeker of truth, more than likely you’ve come across and related to Gandhi’s well-known quote. He suggests that before we attempt to change the world from whatever spiritual, political, social, philosophical, religious, or cultural platform we represent, we first change ourselves to reflect these beliefs. Walk the walk, so to speak. It seems to make perfect sense.

There’s just one problem. Maybe two. Beliefs are subject to opposing beliefs, and who is to say who’s right? From a non-dual point of view, this is what gets us into trouble in the first place. And more importantly, the ‘you’ that is trying to change doesn’t exist. How can we change a cluster of random thoughts, sensations, and perceptions? By nature, they are always coming and going, always changing. How do we change the changing to make any lasting change? We can’t.

Instead of identifying with ever-changing beliefs and a temporary body-mind, we might consider this:

Be the changeless.

Be the unalterable, unstainable, undeniable aware presence that is the very essence of our being – the background of all experience. Although the ‘be’ is not necessary. Without making any effort to be or not to be, as we cannot become what we already are, simply abide as that which is changeless.

Abiding as the limitless, changeless one, the recognition that we are all manifestations of the same changeless source is immediate – if something is limitless, where is there room for two?

When we meet someone who understands this – we are drawn to the magnetic knowing presence in his or her eyes – where is the conflict? Any problem that arises is quickly resolved with clear thinking, practical application, and boundless compassion and love.


Timeless One

Limitless One

Changeless One


All Things

Arise In You

Are Known By You

Made Of You


The Changeless


Ever Present

Source of All Things