Dining Out

‘When you go to a restaurant you don’t take your own menu.’ ~ Mooji

If you are a seeker who sincerely wants to find your essential being, you must leave who or what you ‘think’ you are out of the search. Your essential being cannot be found in any of the temporary attributes of the body, mind, or world. Your essential being is prior to all appearances.

This is really all you have to know – the source of your being, our being, is prior to all appearances. Our essential nature knows the coming and going of all appearances of the body, mind, and world, but does not come and go with them. Check this out for yourself. For example, a thought comes and goes, but the essential you, that which is aware of the thought, doesn’t come and go with it. Your essential self remains eternally present and aware, infinitely receptive to all experience, yet unchanged by any of it.

Just as you wouldn’t bring your own menu to a restaurant, you wouldn’t bring a head full of beliefs, concepts, and opinions if you were trying to discover your true nature. To be full is to leave no room for discovery. No room for dessert!

So set aside all the so-called identifying qualities of who you think you are – no name, no gender, no size, no weight, no thoughts, feelings, sensations, or perceptions. All of it goes.

What is left? Whatever it is cannot be seen, heard, touched, tasted, and has no scent. It cannot be found, yet is the background of all experience.

I, you, we, know what it is because we are that – emptiness beyond emptiness.

To be empty is to be open and receptive.

To be open and receptive is to be nothing.

To be nothing is to be everything.

To be everything is to be Love.

2 thoughts on “Dining Out

  1. Ed Kelly

    And we can go further, or rather nowhere at all. Even the restaurant has no menu.

    “In order to illuminate itself, the sun’s light doesn’t need to leave itself. It illuminates itself just by being itself. Likewise, in order to know ourselves we don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. In fact, any going or doing or practicing or efforting would only take us seemingly away from ourself. In reality, of course, we can never leave ourself, but such efforting or practicing or doing seems to take us in a direction away from ourself. There is no pathway from ourself to ourself, and therefore no room for effort, discipline, practice or a practitioner. Awareness’ knowledge of itself is between itself and itself. – RS

    1. Wonderful, Ed. Thank you! As Rupert Spira likes to say, there is no distance on the pathless path, thus any effort to find ourself takes us ‘in a direction away from ourselves.’ One of my favorites is from Rupert’s talk, Effortless Being: ‘So if there is any sense of frustration [on the spiritual path], this frustration betrays the fact that we are making an effort to do something. This is why Ramana Maharshi said, the ultimate meditation is simply to be. That’s why Ashtavakra said, for the sage even blinking is too much trouble. To be aware of our own being, or for our own being to be aware of itself, requires even less effort than blinking.’

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