The Chosen One Walks Among Us

The Chosen One walks among us, and that Chosen One is you.

That’s absurd, you say. You can’t possibly be the Chosen One. That would not only be an arrogant statement but a dangerous one. There are too many people in our checkered human history who have claimed to be the one to save us from disaster and ended up leading us down an even more horrific path.

But it is you, Chosen One, who can lead the rest of the human race to a place of peace, happiness, and love – the placeless place where spontaneous acts of loving kindness occur.

It starts with you recognizing your essential nature – the knowing presence within you that is made of infinite emptiness, profound silence, and eternal light.

Don’t look at yourself from the limited point of view of a body-mind that is made up of temporary qualities – what lasting value has a fleeting thought, memory, image, mood, sensation, sight, or sound? Is there anything there that you can count on to give you enduring happiness, impeccably clear thinking, or a spontaneous and correct response to any given situation? No. Anything that comes and goes cannot be counted on when real and true answers to difficult questions are desperately needed.

And what is it that remains objective and calm in the face of desperation? What is not affected by the passing whims of haphazard thoughts or reckless actions? What remains still, clear, open, and loving regardless of what is going on around it?

The element within you, Chosen One, that knows the coming and going of all things but doesn’t come and go with them. Whatever you call it – awareness, consciousness, the absolute, divine spirit – know that your essential nature is ever-present, all knowing, unalterable, and untouched by whatever happens in the body, mind, or world.

Look at your experience. Don’t you, as consciousness or awareness, exist prior to any appearance of a thought, sensation or perception of the world? If you didn’t, how would you know them? All things arise in you, Chosen One, are known by you, and made of you. As no limits or boundaries can be found to this awareness it has to be infinite and eternal, and there is no room for two in the infinite and eternal – where would one infinite space end and another infinite space begin? So this must be true of every living being on the planet.

You, I, we are the Chosen One, and there’s nothing we need to do to be this, as we are already that. If we are open to this possibility, we will begin to see the evidence of the true non-dual nature of reality – the inherent oneness of all experience. Speak to this oneness in everyone and see what happens.

Chosen One.

3 thoughts on “The Chosen One Walks Among Us

  1. Dear Gail,

    Thank you for your insightful comment. The correspondence is much appreciated! In response, I would agree that if there is someone choosing and someone being chosen, you’re correct in pointing out the dual nature of the situation, but in this case there is no one doing the choosing and no one being chosen. If we look at our experience, we find that it is already the case that you, I, we, are all manifestations of awareness, or oneness, and so, we are all the Chosen One. This is not a fleeting idea, but an irrefutable fact.

  2. Gail

    1. Calling it ‘chosen one’ is misleading – what about creator and created.
    2. The duality is reality and actuality – actuality causes reality without being diminished
    3. In actuality there is no choice, in reality there is – eg the choice to write about it.
    4. I understand that you see denying choice as a way to stop the intereference of the individual self, but that itself is a choice. There is no set decree of a non-chooser.
    5. Reality doesn’t have to get in the way – it is not its nature, we have made it like that.
    6. We can choose to reality to give expression of actuality – we are not pawns in the game of life.

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