I, Awareness, Am Here To Simplify

Seekers of the truth can get easily sidetracked on the path towards liberation or awakening. I, Awareness, am here to simplify the process:

There is no process.

There is no path.

There is no liberation or awakening.

You are already what you seek – unlimited, formless, boundless, ageless, all-knowing, ever-present Awareness (some call me Consciousness).

But let me simplify that:

Nothing is unlimited.

Nothing is formless

Nothing is ageless, all-knowing, ever-present, conscious or aware.


No thing. Nothing with objective qualities can be considered real in the truest sense. That includes all concepts, opinions, positions, and beliefs (thought being the subtlest form of object).

I, Awareness, am the only ‘thing’ that can be considered real, as I have no boundaries or limits. I stand outside of time and space, or rather, time and space stand inside of me, as do all appearances of the body, mind, and world.

But again, I must clarify:

I, Awareness, am only a concept, a lofty idea, ideal, which sounds enticing but is only as real as a wave on the ocean or a cloud in the sky. Give up all hope of liberation. Reside in the emptiness that is my heart, and be eternally liberated, beyond time and space, beyond birth and death, beyond the beyond.

There is nothing to believe in, no opinion worth fighting over, nothing to find and nothing to lose.

Relax in the formless emptiness that is your, our, essential being and be forever . . . forever.


4 thoughts on “I, Awareness, Am Here To Simplify

  1. Ed Kelly

    Nothing Is.
    “To seek lasting happiness in an object, a substance, an activity or a relationship is the madness from which most people suffer. To seek enlightenment in a state of mind is the madness from which most spiritual seekers suffer. Enlightenment has nothing to do the content of our minds although it does have an effect on the content of our minds. It is the recognition of the essential nature of our mind, irrespective of its content. And the essential nature of our minds is present in all experience. No particular experience can bring us closer to it than any other experience. It is the knowing with which all experience is known. It cannot be known as an object of experience and yet all experience is only that.” – RS

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