Shared Being

‘When we love someone, or we fall in love with someone, what we are really in love with is their being. That’s what we are really attracted to. Something about their being puts us in touch with our being. So the experience of love is really the sharing of our being, or rather, it is the recognition of our shared being.’

~ Rupert Spira

5 thoughts on “Shared Being

  1. Beautiful quote! I will be on retreat with Rupert next month in Garrison, NY. John, why don’t you come for a retreat one of these times? You would be a fabulous addition to our tribe (of lovers.)



    1. Hi Phoebe, Thanks for your thoughtful invitation, but I’m Will, not John. My wife Dana and I have been to a couple of the Garrison retreats and loved every minute. Next time we spend some time with you!

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