All I Know Is Myself

Thoughts come and go, yet I remain.

Emotions come and go, yet I remain.

Bodily sensations come and go, yet I remain.

Perceptions of the world come and go, yet I remain.

Who am I?

I am ever-present awareness. I have no boundaries, no limits. I am infinite and eternal.

I know the coming and going of all appearances, but don’t come and go with them.

As nothing exists outside of me, I am the source of all appearances of the body, mind, and world.

All I know is myself.

Without me nothing exists.

I am fullness itself.

I am emptiness itself.

I am the I am


the I am.

14 thoughts on “All I Know Is Myself

  1. mbommer

    Will Great Cliff Notes version of the direct path 👏 Sure miss Ruperts retreats…Mike Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

    1. Hi Mike, Thanks for checking in. Cliff Notes? I like that. Why complicate a simple understanding? You might have inspired another blog, something like, ‘Jumping Off The Cliff Of Separation’? Look forward to everyone getting together again with Rupert. Until then take care.

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