Seeing Eye to Eye

When we agree with someone, we are said to be ‘seeing eye to eye’. When we don’t see eye to eye, it can lead to a minor disagreement between two friends or a brutal war between nations.

But what is this eye that sees? And what does it actually see?

Just as a drum doesn’t do the drumming, the eyes don’t do the seeing. A drum is a vehicle for the rhythms played by the drummer, the eyes the vehicle for the seeing done by the seer.

Who is the seer? Isn’t it that which we call I? As in, I see?

Examining this I, we first discover the obvious: we each call ourself I.

What is this I that we so easily use to identify ourselves?

The common definition used by billions of us is that this I is made up of our individual body and mind, with all of its associated attributes of thinking, feeling, sensing, and perceiving. But these attributes are all temporary, ever-changing, and totally unreliable when it comes to discovering our real identity.

Our experiences of the body, mind, and world are constantly changing, but the awareness of, the knowing of these ever-changing experiences is ever-present and unchanging.

And this unchanging awareness is common to all of us. It’s as though life is a grand play, with one master actor able to don billions of different costumes and take on a multitude of roles. Beneath every unique costume is found the same actor, the same being, the same awareness.

If we look at the nature of this awareness, we discover that it has no limits or boundaries, no point at which it ends and something else begins. Or, in other words, that it is infinite. And if we continue with our investigation, we discover that there is never a time when it is not present. This being so, we can say that it is timeless, or eternal.

For a true coming together, especially when it comes to relationships, shouldn’t we be seeing I to I? Awareness to Awareness? It’s actually not a question of shouldn’t we be seeing I to I, but recognizing the fact that this is the way we see, the only way we see. If we remove our costume of the imagined individual self for just an instant, our true character, which is not a character at all, is revealed.

We think that we either see eye to eye, or we don’t, but in fact, we only ever see I to I, or aware presence to aware presence. You can tell in another’s eyes which one is looking at you. You either see eyes clouded by the limits of the conditioned separate self, or the shining eyes of pure awareness.

There is a new math, or perhaps it is as ancient as the stars: ‘I’ plus ‘I’ does not equal two ‘I’s. I plus I equals I. There is only one I, the I of Awareness, and you, we, are that: One Shared Being.

So even though we might appear to be strangers, we are really cosmic lovers: inseparable in essence, one without a second. To quote Rumi:

The minute I heard my first love story

I started looking for you, not knowing

how blind that was.

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.

They’re in each other all along.

8 thoughts on “Seeing Eye to Eye


    Nice read brother Will. Thank you ….. Notice the sun smiling at you today ……. Br John

  2. Ed Kelly

    Lovely, Will. Transcribed the following from the Essence of Tantra weekend. Only the shining of God’s being.
    “The purpose of all these contemplations and visualizations is to first recognize the nature of reality and then to infuse all aspects of our experience with this recognition. It is not enough for the way we think to be in line with this recognition. Although that is a beginning. It is necessary for the way we feel, the way we sense the body, the way we perceive the world, the way we experience others to be infused with, informed by, and an expression of this understanding. So that all experience, not only our internal experience, but our experience of the world, becomes increasingly transparent to the light of awareness. So that its apparent otherness is gradually and progressively outshone by the light of awareness. So that we don’t just understand, but feel, that everyone and everything is only the shining of God’s infinite being.”

  3. Thanks for your comment, Ed, and for sharing this wonderful excerpt from Rupert Spira. For those of you unfamiliar with Rupert’s teaching, visit his website for an eye opening experience, which, of course, is not an experience at all, but a window into that which experiences:

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