We Are the Emptiness


We are the Emptiness

In which Silence resides

And from this Silence

Emerges a Sound

A joyful, rich, fulfilling Sound

Swelling with






Lapping on the shore of our Being

A gentle Touch

Crashing onto the shore of our Being

A full and loving Embrace

Then . . .

Dissolving back into

The Silence . . .

which resides

In the Emptiness

We Are


Words inspired by Beethoven’s Sonata “Hammerklavier” – Adagio

Heard during the Seven Day Retreat with Rupert Spira, Garrison Institute, October, 2021

8 thoughts on “We Are the Emptiness

      1. stgerlach

        You’re a wave and I’m a wave
        The whole sea in between
        But then you wave and then I wave
        The sea has never been

  1. Henry

    I love this, William. It’s so you, radiating music. I listened to the Beethoven. I loved that you in this poem at least have captured the duality of the silence and the sound. Me, I’m working on a daily nanosecond of en-lite-enment, and it’s al lot better than nothing. Much love. Henry

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