‘Three Inch Scholar’

‘If one repeats what he hears from others or read in books, he is not spreading Dharma (the teaching), but adulterating it. In the Orient, we call such a person a “three-inch scholar.” He reads or hears, then speaks, and the distance from the eyes to the mouth or the ears to mouth is about three inches. Those who give lectures or write books on Buddhism with no attainment of inner light are working in vain.’ ~ The Iron Flute (p.26)

This can also be said about people who teach or preach Advaita Vedanta, or any other religious, spiritual, philosophical, or materialist tradition.

I measured, and it’s 5 inches from my ears to my mouth, and 4 inches from my eyes to my mouth. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

I can only conclude that I have a big head.

3 thoughts on “‘Three Inch Scholar’

  1. jlopis@jglspa.com

    Dear sweet William-

    What can I say – I have an absolutely profound comment to make, only a few words that blasts all doubt, a Beethoven punctuation, but it would take about 6 or 7 inches to be fully understood. Let me know if you measure again and if anything changes.

  2. annabelle williams

    a big head and a lot of inner light. im almost finished rereading Being Myself. its really a jewel. ❤️


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