When All Is Said and Done

‘Once all our beliefs are uprooted, it’s not really necessary to assert what is true . . . even the assertion that consciousness is infinite and eternal should be thrown away.’ ~ Rupert Spira

All has been said.

Not all has been done.


I hope to see you in the marketplace.

And when our eyes meet for a timeless moment . . .

. . . that we share a smile.

And don’t forget to play, sing, and dance!

Peace, happiness, and love to all

. . . in the Now Year!

8 thoughts on “When All Is Said and Done

      1. leslietuchman

        Thank you for the lovely thoughts. Hope we meet in the market place to smile, sing, dance and celebrate this holy moment!
        Happy always ♥️

  1. jlopis@jglspa.com

    After reading your New Years poem, I turned and found myself standing in the marketplace – and …….

  2. Barry Zimmer

    Alas, are “all” beliefs ever uprooted in this time space dimension? As we rest in essential nature do not their veils just thin and become exchanged as with our worn out garments?

    All the best, Will, in this New year to you and your most wonderful partner and children, b


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