My name is Will Wright. I am a musician, retired music teacher, writer, carpenter, husband, and father of five. My life-long spiritual journey has been influenced by Jiddu Krishnamurti, psychedelics, Ram Dass, my fellow students at the Ali Akbar College of Music and an endless list of brilliant musicians from many traditions, Zen (esp. Suzuki Roshi, Thich Nhat Hanh, Philip Kapleau, & Paul Reps), everyone at the original Mindfulness Practice Center in Woodstock, Vermont, my absurd and mostly comical pursuit of the mastery of golf and my other-worldly golfing buddies, yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, Vipassana, various mantra and meditation techniques, and the many amazing family members and friends who led the way. 

My search took a dramatic turn when I was introduced to the Hindu teachings of Advaita Vedanta, especially those of Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj. It ceased for good after first attending a retreat with Rupert Spira, who spent many years learning from his teacher and friend Francis Lucille, and then my meeting John Wheeler, who had immersed himself in the works of Nisargadatta via Sailor Bob Adamson.

To say that my spiritual search ‘ceased for good’ is not entirely accurate. The pointers of the great sages, past and present, led to the recognition that there never was a ‘me’ to go searching in the first place. We are already what we yearn for. The seeker is the sought. 


This blog has nothing to do with concepts, beliefs, or opinions. It has everything to do with the direct experiential discovery of our shared identity – pure consciousness, or aware presence – whose inherent nature is one of peace, happiness, and love.  And the wonderful fact that there are not two (Advaita = one without a second).

Will Sunapee 2014

I live, work, and play in Vermont’s Green Mountains. I’m lucky and grateful to be surrounded and inspired by gifted, insightful, and loving family members, along with our extended family of creative and warm-hearted friends.


I welcome all correspondence. If you would like to comment on any post, or have any questions or suggestions, please email me at  centerlesscenter@gmail.com

The essays and quotes on this site are meant for spiritual inquiry only and are not intended as a substitute for psychotherapy, addiction therapy, medical care, legal or technical advice. Please consult a licensed professional in all of these matters.

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9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hmmmmm. Interesting resources. Nuanced and subtle things being said. I’ve been IN, not just on, the Path for 40+ years and over the past several have come to a breakthrough into nonduality in and out of daily meditation, where the equipoise between choices (“doing/non-doing. neither one nor the other, neither even that, etc.”) where the dive into radical emptiness occurs. We are, each and all, already/always awake, because the encompassing unbounded awareness, which is “our” identity is the natural state of Being, so you can’t NOT be that. So the apparent paradox is the nature of the path that curls and self-refers back into itself within unboundedness. Even the mental ego arises within that field at the same time as it seemingly stands in the way of our experiencing awakeness, enlightened awareness, and that’s the darndest thing, isn’t it??!! Ergo, the “solution” seems to be: “give up control”…..surrender….allow all contractions in your field of consciousness soften, relax, and rest. Subtle stuff, this. I know meditators of years and years who are unaware of the subtle levels of effort that “get in the way,” which, of course, even obstacles are part of the path…until they are not. This tripless-trip is the trippiest trip. round-trip that never occurs and does occur, that anyone could have imagined. We are “human beings,” and Being, n o w….that could never be lost or gained…is the “simplest” thing in the Kosmos…..Established in Being, then act; established in action, then Be. Love, Light, and Laughter,

  2. Who Am I?

    Neo-advaita, plain and simple, the new age hallucinogenic medicine for the dodging ego. Gobbledygook and doublespeak mantra by the “invisible seeker” very much alive and parading as the Sought or the Self being pointed out to. The ego has to perish in the Heart (the Self) as it actually happened to Ramana Maharshi. Please make efforts to properly understand the esoteric warnings of Ramana Maharshi.

  3. Mike

    This reminds me: there’s nothing to understand because we’re already standing under… standing in, on, above and below all that Is.

    BTW, I played golf yesterday and didn’t drop a single F-bomb. Progress perhaps!?

  4. Hi Mike, Yes, I would say if you played an entire round without dropping a single F-Bomb you have transcended the limitations of the illusionary body-mind-world and achieved Golf Nirvana. Congratulations!

  5. David Wright

    Today is tomorrow, and present is past.
    Nothing exists and everything will last.
    There is no beginning, there was no end.
    No depth to fall, no height to ascend.
    There is only this moment, this flicker of light
    That illuminates nothing, but oh! So bright!
    For we are the spark that flutters in space,
    Consuming an eternity of a moment’s grace.
    For today is tomorrow and present and past.
    Nothing exists and everything will last.
    Jane Roberts

  6. Ann Clerkin

    I am just listening to David Carse’s book and it lead me here… and what a joy to have landed here !!! THANK YOU Will, for all you share. I was contemplating the words of St Francis ‘ The One You are looking for, is the One who is looking’ and these words sang in me!

    I searched for you, I searched for you
    Between the stars, around the moon
    I climbed the mountains, and called for you
    I swam the ocean, in search of you
    I asked the flowers, the bees, the birds
    Call off the search, was all I heard
    I roamed the skies, looked under clouds
    I walked the earth, no footprints found
    I sat a while, beside a tree
    and then the sun illumined me
    and in that light, I could clearly see
    {Sending love from my heart to your heart as ONE heart ……..Ann Marie, Galway, Ireland. }

  7. Hello Ann Marie,
    And what a joy that you came across Centerless Center! Your song is beautiful. I would say that it flies on the Wings of Wisdom. I am ever so grateful that you shared it with us.

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