Homage to a Mantra

If you are truly seeking to uncover the mysteries of the universe, discover the meaning of life, you have to do something, right? You can’t just sit around and wait for the answer or answers to come to you. Most of us consider that to be counterintuitive. Or is it? We’ll find out sooner or later: you have to do until you don’t.

The seeker turns to study, yoga, various meditation techniques and practices, possibly to bask in the grace of a guru, and/or spend time in retreat with a group of like-minded people. The seeker does these things to become a better person, to gain wisdom, and in many cases, to reach the ultimate goal of becoming an enlightened being.

If drawn to mantras, the great and powerful mantra of the Prajna Paramita (The Heart Sutra) sings:

Gate, Gate, Paragate,

     Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha!

Gone, Gone, Gone Beyond,

     Gone Beyond the Great Beyond, Rejoice!

In other words, as a spiritual seeker, whatever your thoughts, feelings, or sensations, whatever you perceive in the world, no matter the content, positive or negative, do not be deluded into believing that they present an insurmountable obstacle, or the way it’s going to be forever.

In Ram Dass’s Be Here Now, the mantra is followed by:

Beyond even conceiving of a place beyond which you can go beyond.

Let’s rest there for a moment . . .

As they say in poker, that doesn’t leave us (the mind) many outs.

No matter the circumstances, the beauty and grace, the clarity and truth of this mantra will hold you lightly, warmly, gently in its loving heart and reassure you that regardless of whatever you are experiencing, on either end of the suffering/joy spectrum, it’s never the final answer.

Do not stop

     Do not think you have arrived


Go beyond

     Go beyond all points beyond

Little mind is left behind

     Gone as far as it can go

     On this journey beyond it

From now on we travel


And as you free fall into this limitless, boundless world, everything does stop, and all is silent and still.

And in this instance of surrender to the mother of all mantras, sound of all sounds – beyond all belief and disbelief – you, I, we, vibrate, disperse, dissolve, and ultimately meet, join together, in the centerless center of infinite and eternal peace. And all is well.