Undead Or Unborn?

Mythology and folklore are filled with stories and legends of the undead – vampires, ghosts, zombies, etc. – dead beings that behave as though they are alive. With a little twist, human beings can be added to this legendary group – living beings that behave as though they are dead.

We think that we are alive, but everything we identify with as an individual self, as a body-mind – thoughts, feelings, sensations, and perceptions – has a brief life span. Most thoughts pass within seconds or minutes. Moods pass within hours or days. And our body-mind gradually, sometimes suddenly, gives up and dies. In other words, all attributes of the body, mind, and world are bound by the limits of time – they are born, live for a while, and then die.

If we live our lives identifying with this illusionary separate self made up of temporary attributes all destined to vanish, we might as well be counted amongst the walking dead.

Why not discover that within you, within each one of us that is timeless, that is unborn?

First, recognize the knowing presence within you, us, that says ‘I am’. Now drop the thought ‘I am’ and what remains? Something remains because you are still here.

What is it that exists in the absence of thought? After all, when a thought comes and goes, you, the one aware of the thought, don’t come and go with it.

Is this aware you ever not here? Is this aware you that experiences feelings disappear when a feeling fades? No. It is ever-present, timeless.

This aware you that knows the coming and going of all things, yet doesn’t come and go with them, is the source of your being, the source of all of our beings, as there can only be one.

We think that our ever-present awareness is ours alone, yet when we investigate the attributes of this ever-present consciousness, no limits can be found, and something that is limitless allows no room for two. Would it be possible to fit one infinite sky inside another?

Ever-present awareness has no beginning or end, experiences no birth or death. It is timeless and beyond space.

It is the unborn.

And you, I, we, are that.

Warning: Total Waste Of Time

We tend to spend a lot of time on the idea of ‘time’, yet when we look for it, just as when we look for an individual self, it can’t be found.

Where’s the past or future other than a thought? Can we follow a thought to some location? Has time travel been invented? Time is a practical tool, but when it’s used as a vehicle towards something like spiritual advancement, e.g., ‘Just a few more years of intense meditation and I’ll be enlightened,’ watch out. You’ll never get there. The progressive path never ends.

We can’t go anywhere in time because there is only this. Ever-present this. But just for fun, let’s name some of the ways we use time (might not be enough time to list them all):

All in due time

All time high

All time low

Big time

For the time being

From time to time

Give it time

High time

In the mean time

In the nick of time

Long time

Lost time

Make time

Marking time

Not enough time

No time to lose

On time

One time!

Out of time

Play time!

Plenty of time

Running out of time

Saving time

Short on time

Small time


Time after time

Time bound

Time flies

Time heals

Time in

Time is dragging

Time is money

Time is not on our side

Time is on our side

Time off

Time out

Time passes

Time’s up!

But to discover that you are not an individual self is well worth the time, which, you’ll be surprised to find, takes no time at all.

Why would we want to discover that we’re not an individual self? Its absence reveals our unnamable, invisible source as an open, loving, limitless field of knowing. And being limitless there can be only one – no separation between any thing. All is embraced in the all-embracing all.

How does one discover that they are not an individual self? Take the time and look for what you are not. You will experience your body-mind as an unending parade of short-lived thoughts, sensations, and perceptions, none of which can be considered the real you. The real you is that which is ever-present and unchanging. That which experiences, yet cannot be experienced.

We say that there is no time like the present.

But experience says that there is no time, only presence.

We are not that which comes and goes. We are that which knows the coming and going of all things. We are that in which all things arise and with which all things are made.

And who is it that knows this?

The Timeless One.